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notmygrandfather: boy concentrating on something (studious)

born to be a jedi knight

(the cinnamon roll grandson)

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Created on 2011-12-28 07:39:09 (#1306875), last updated 2017-08-06 (11 weeks ago)

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Name:Anakin Solo

Anakin Solo is going to grow up to be a great Jedi Knight like his Uncle Luke, and a great pilot like his father, and maybe even a bit of a diplomat like his mom.

(As long as it's the kind of diplomacy where you say something soothing as you pull the trigger.)

In the meantime, he'll mess with computers in between training. Got a datapad that's all melty inside? No bother. Need one from scratch? Easy; he's been building them since he was five. Lost a piece of machinery or equipment? He'll find it, transistors right up to planetary hyperdrives.

Just pay him in cookies.

"And sometimes," Anakin said softly, "when I don't plan it,
something I do hurts somebody."

Character: Anakin Solo
Fandom: Star Wars
Disclaimer: Not Anakin, not Charlie Rowe or Aaron Stanford or Casey Affleck. No profit is made from this journal.
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